Rosie Hunter & Speedboats For Breakfast – The Others

Rosie Hunter & Speedboats For Breakfast – Stop Playing With My Mind (Remix)

Remix of “Stop Playing With My Mind” by Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox. THE horns.

Rosie Hunter – Biography


Introducing one of our brightest and most innovative DJ/Producers. As an international woman of mystery her global influences are reflected in the wide range of styles used in her music and are mostly independent of local trends.

Some facts plus funny and/or strange stories about Rosie Hunter:

  • Her musical education started at a very early age from her multi-instrumental Mother (music teacher)
  • A search party was once called out, covering the whole of Miami Beach, to find her. Helicopters, boats and divers were also called out for the search. Meanwhile our blissfully unaware heroine was spending an enjoyable afternoon burying herself in sand
  • She blew out her ear-drums dancing furiously for six hours inside Flashmob’s sound system. Recovery, if at all possible, is on-going
  • She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do – so don’t fuck with her
  • Her favourite ever journey, on land, was on a bus in Barbados where she spent the entire trip perched on the driver’s knee shouting out imaginary directions
  • On her first submarine mission in the Caribbean she spent the entire dive searching for underwater creatures from The Sea of Monsters (see reference below)
  • She’s been going through a major Beatles phase recently – approximately the last 20 years – and there’s no sign of a let up anytime soon

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Ape Apocalypse – Spider Legs

From the album, Chapter 2: Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction. Footage borrowed from the classic animated documentary, Return to the Planet of the Apes (1975).

Comercial Andrea / Fall-Winter Fashion 2014

Killola soundtrack for commercial.

Review – Ape Apocalypse – Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction

Ape Apocalypse

Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction is a Technicolor Explosion of punk-rock energy, pop melodies, and razor-sharp rockabilly riffs. The album walks a tightrope, managing to capture the essence of the band’s often humorous theatrical live antics on one hand (ape masks, dance routines et al.), while simultaneously avoiding slipping into caricature. This is due, in part, to the quality of the songs, but also to the intensity and honesty of their delivery.

Musically, Ape Apocalypse unashamedly wear their hearts on their sleeves, combining old-school punk rock with hints of rockabilly, ska, surf and classic rock (there’s even a Twisted Sister reference or two in there). The production is full, simple, crisp and powerful, thanks in no small part to the contribution of Speedboats For Breakfast, think Rancid meets Man or Astroman.

But the music is only part of the story. Scratch a little below the surface, and you find a narrative of ape comrades fighting humanity, more of a concept band than a concept album, with aural collages scattered between the songs telling tales of Revolution and the End of Days.

17 tracks in 50 minutes – 50 minutes of your life very well spent!


Listen now at Bandcamp

Ape Apocalypse – Autopsy

From the album “Chapter 2: Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction”

What Happened To The Sisterlovers

What Happened To The Sisterlovers Big

1. Get Your Red Dress On
2. Have You Seen
3. Ode To Unbelievable Freedom
4. So Sensational
5. Down
6. Don’t Go And Leave Me
7. The One That Got Away
8. It’s Crazy
9. Please Don’t Stop

“Sisterlovers ride Harley Davidson motorbikes with bass bins strapped to the fenders. These boys are rocking acid screamers living in their own technicolour cloud. The cloud is filled with Jimi Hendrix fuzz pedals, Captain Scarlet costume changes, kaleidoscopes, dayglo Matchbox cars and pink bubbles.”

“Sisterlovers appear to be the product of a deep and meaningful relationship between Only One Peter Perrett and Nancy Sinatra. “Don’t Go And Leave Me” is bursting at the seams with teen angst lyrics and mind bending guitar invention. While “Ode To Unbelievable Freedom” possesses one of the finest hooks in the pop vocabulary.”

Limited edition CD available Here

Kandyland – Kuts

Kandyland - Kuts Big

1. Take Me Away From Here
2. I Won’t Be Back
3. Stay
4. The Things You Do
5. See Me
6. Overloaded
7. Ladybird
8. Easy Does It
9. Credits

“… their unique style, which is something comparable to the bastard child of early Stones, Velvets, The Sweet and Jason Donovan, conceived after some sordid love-in one rainy Sunday afternoon in Popsville.”

Limited edition CD available Here