The Rag Dolls – Such A Crime

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The legendary band from Birmingham, UK, featuring Dave Kusworth, Simon “Slim” Cartwright, Mark Lemon and Carl Bevan. Buy the album Here

Love Buzzard – Caught In The Deed

Influenced by The Gun Club, Black Sabbath, The Cramps, and The Velvet Underground.

Lannie Flowers – Circles – LIVE From Trash Bar, NY

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Slipstream – Maybe The Day Will Come

Victoria Major – Cold

Buy the album Here

St Deluxe – How You Satisfy Me (Spectrum cover)

Mental Monky Ballet Single Release

“Stockholm based band Mental Monky Ballet, was founded in February 2013 by lead singer / songwriter / producer Vivi Lundström and producer/songwriter Jan Fretman. According to their website the band plays “broken rock poetry, telling stories about a crazy, dark and incomprehensible yet beautiful, shimmering and spiritual world. Mainly combines tribal vibe with pumping and trashy sounds from post punk and grunge, colored with melancholic and dreamy sounds.

We want to wake people up and make them use and be fine with the fact that the world is equally about building up and tearing down, equally about the beautiful and the ugly, equally about harmony and chaos.”

Along with Vivi, members of the band are Anna Wennersten – keyboard and backing vocals, Björn Bertilsson – guitars, Håkan Englund – drums, Maxa Fon Pashayeva – bass and Linnea Simon – backing vocals.

The group will be releasing the EP Breaking the Law later this month. One of the interesting songs off the EP for me is “Club 27? a song the band says is “a celebration to Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and other musical personalities forming the mythical 27 Club, strongly associated with the hard and destructive “rock’n roll” the song “You’re More Trouble Than Your Worth” is another good song off the EP, in fact of the seven songs on the EP, I really didn’t hear a bad song.” – FrontRangeScribbles

“Swedish alt-rock group, Mental Monky Ballet, bridges the vocal and instrumental gap between Blondie and Garbage–and they do it with success all around. “Into The Open” is a swishy, rock-infused medley with reverberating guitars and vibrant female vocals. “Club 27″ is a lush, alt-dance tune with classic vocals and a power pop presence that contains a little edge and a setup akin to something by The Killers. “Get Around This” begins with a spacious, atmospheric and progressive intro with delicate vocals and gingerly-played guitars, until the chorus brings in other vocals and a more textured pop sound. “You’re More Trouble Than You’re Worth” opens with an alternative and progressive rock arrangement that harbors Garbage and Blondie tendencies, but everything comes out okay. The new seven-track EP, Breaking The Law, is a sure hit for fans of the abovementioned musicians and Swedish alt-pop music with English vocals.” – Inside World Music

“MMB is one of ten chosen bands out of 3000 to be featured in the blog. MMB was actually the reason I decided not to have only Finnish bands in this feature list. Just the fact that they are two guys and four chicks is “f**ng mental”. I hope the band will come and play in Finland when they release their EP” – We Never Stood A Chance

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