Ape Apocalypse – Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction

Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction is a Technicolor Explosion of punk-rock energy, pop melodies, and razor-sharp rockabilly riffs. The album walks a tightrope, managing to capture the essence of the band’s often humorous theatrical live antics on one hand (ape masks, dance routines et al.), while simultaneously avoiding slipping into caricature. This is […]

Sisterlovers – Reviews

“Sisterlovers ride Harley Davidson motorbikes with bass bins strapped to the fenders. These boys are rocking acid screamers living in their own technicolour cloud. The cloud is filled with Jimi Hendrix fuzz pedals, Captain Scarlet costume changes, kaleidoscopes, dayglo Matchbox cars and pink bubbles. “Ode to Unbelievable Freedom” is a stolen Buzzcocks tune reinforced with […]

Sisterlovers – (Missing In) The Chelsea Hotel – Review

“The more I listen, the more I hear influences from the past. It’s as if Satanic Majesties, The White Album and Tommy all got together and had a threesome!!! Some brilliant tracks and written with an ever present sense of personal narrative. There’s some real moving lyrics here!! I mentioned influences from the past, but […]