Ape Apocalypse – Spider Legs

From the album, Chapter 2: Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction. Footage borrowed from the classic animated documentary, Return to the Planet of the Apes (1975).

Ape Apocalypse – Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction

Banging on the Instruments of Mass Destruction is a Technicolor Explosion of punk-rock energy, pop melodies, and razor-sharp rockabilly riffs. The album walks a tightrope, managing to capture the essence of the band’s often humorous theatrical live antics on one hand (ape masks, dance routines et al.), while simultaneously avoiding slipping into caricature. This is […]

The Apes Have Landed Interview

It’s a tale with which many here in Taiwan are familiar. For locals, the dreaded army call-up has put an end, or at the very least stalled, many promising bands’ creative momentum. And within the ex-pat community, it’s almost a guarantee that a band member will eventually leave to travel elsewhere, return home or move […]