The Rag Dolls – Such A Crime

The legendary band from Birmingham, UK, featuring Dave Kusworth, Simon “Slim” Cartwright, Mark Lemon and Carl Bevan. Buy the album Here

Slipstream – Maybe The Day Will Come

Victoria Major – Cold

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St Deluxe – How You Satisfy Me (Spectrum cover)

Mental Monky Ballet Single Release

“Stockholm based band Mental Monky Ballet, was founded in February 2013 by lead singer / songwriter / producer Vivi Lundström and producer/songwriter Jan Fretman. According to their website the band plays “broken rock poetry, telling stories about a crazy, dark and incomprehensible yet beautiful, shimmering and spiritual world. Mainly combines tribal vibe with pumping and trashy sounds from post punk and grunge, colored with melancholic and dreamy sounds.

We want to wake people up and make them use and be fine with the fact that the world is equally about building up and tearing down, equally about the beautiful and the ugly, equally about harmony and chaos.”

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Mental Monky Ballet – Into the Open video

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The Singularity

More by Julian Shah-Tayler at Impossible Things Records